The Launch of Our Writers' Relay

Today we launch a new project that is being ran and managed by our interns.


A writers' relay is a story that is written by a number of different authors. As with a relay race, at a certain moment the metaphoric 'baton' is passed on to the next writer, who continues the story where the previous person ended.


The aim is simple - to connect people of different ages, backgrounds and ethnicities together through storytelling. Whether you're a professional writer or someone starting out, an OAP or a student, English or Brazilian, you can contribute to weaving a story that transcends time and space.


We want to encourage artistic expression, collaboration and create opportunities for those who have always dreamed about putting pen to paper, but have never had an outlet for their work, or a reason to do so.


The short stories will be brought together and performed at a new monthly 'Scratch Night' (coming 2014), and will be published in a book each year.


Our rules for the Writers' Relay are simple:

- We have 4 writers per story

- A new writer's work will be post every two weeks (the second and fourth Friday of each month)

- The writer must write 500 words then stop - regardless of whether he/she is mid-sentence or not

- Each story will be prompted by a stimulus, theme or idea


If you want to take part, do not hesitate to get in contact. Simply email with the subject header 'Writers Relay'.