Fourth Wall is a socially-driven training provider that uses theatre and the arts to develop the skills of young people aged 5-25 and create social change in the process.

Fourth Wall is a socially-driven training provider that uses theatre and the arts to develop the skills of young people aged 5-25 and create social change in the process. Yep, we do some awesome things!

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We run our own theatre and arts-based training projects, as well as delivering contracts for private, public and third sector organisations.

What do we do?

Our two core activities are:

Running socially-driven theatre workshops with young people. We run fun and accessible programmes that utilise theatre and the arts, all with the aim of improving people and their communities as well as raising awareness of important social issues.

In the past we have explored bullying, knife crime, intergenerational cohesion and more. After devising performances, we hold showcases and performance nights giving our members the opportunity to share their pieces.

Delivering innovative training. We focus both on developing key skills associated with drama, such as confidence, creative and critical thinking, and interpersonal skills as well as programmes that give young people the opportunity to devise, create and run their own theatre groups and workshops. In the past we have delivered training to commercial clients, apprentices, university students and new staff.


We run engaging, fun and professional workshops with young people.

Our workshops are pretty epic. Fun, energetic, quirky - you or your child will be hooked from start to finish.

For our own projects, we either run summer schools and bootcamps during the holidays or weekly workshops.

When working with clients, workshops are ran as defined by the partnership.


We deliver projects where we explore the arts as well as social issues.


This is where it gets exciting. On the most part, we introduce young people to a ‘stimulus’ (i.e. a topic) in a creative way. For example, we have taken them to heritage sites when exploring the history of the area around them and have had the young people interviewing police when discussing the topic of knife crime. They will then use this to devise a performance.

The actual details of the project change depending on who we are working with, the aims etc, and it does vary.

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We create and then perform unique pieces of theatre.

From the stimuli that we introduce the young people too, they will work with our experienced and expert team to devise a series of performances.

As the performances are devised, it means that no one will ever have seen this performance before. It is straight from the minds of the young people, which - trust us - is exciting and crazzzzzyyyy in equal measure.

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We partner with organisations and funders to help them achieve their goals.

Many organisations struggle to engage with young people and need a set of professionals to give them a helping hand. This is why most of our projects are in partnership with another organisations.

We work with national funders such as the Heritage Lottery Fund who have a mandate to introduce communities to heritage, but also deliver contracts for corporate clients such as Creative Alliance who asked us to provide training to the apprentices that they worked with.

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Previous projects have explored topics such as hate-crime, intergenerational cohesion, cyber-bullying and have introduced young people to heritage and the world around them.

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