Introducing... Fourth Wall


The Fourth Wall Theatre Network has gone through some changes. Here’s the lowdown.

First and foremost, we’re now simply called ‘Fourth Wall’. ‘What? That wasn’t what you were called before?!’ I hear you cry. There are a number of reasons for this, but most importantly we wanted a brand that was sharp and snappy. Fourth Wall Theatre Network was useful in telling people what we were, but we feel we’ve got past that stage and need something more professional and succinct. Plus, most people just said ‘Fourth Wall’ anyway. 

For those who have always wondered ‘why Fourth Wall’.... Picture a stage. It (usually) has a wall either side, then a wall at the back. The fourth wall is the invisible ‘wall’ between an actor/actress and his/her audience. We as an organization are about breaking through that fourth wall – reaching out off the stage and into the community to create truly wonderful and unique drama. Feel enlightened people!

Secondly, our logo has changed. We were not going for a complete brand overhaul. The general ‘feel’ of the company has remained the same, but the new logo is necessary to tie with the new name. What you think?

Thirdly, and probably most importantly, we as an organization have redefined our focus. We have always wanted to support aspiring arts practitioners in setting up their own company. Because of this, we’ve decided to make that our primary focus. Young actors, freelance producers, graduates – anyone with the necessary skills and right mindset – can set up a theatre company as a franchise of Fourth Wall. We then connect actors of all ages (see below) to the company right for them.

Fourthly, we are not just working with young people. As an organization we are still ridiculously passionate about creating opportunities and raising aspirations of young people – but it’s not just under 18 year olds who need this kind of support. Watch this space for our first 18+ company launching very soon!

This means something. It means that we’re growing. We’re changing. We’re evolving. And you can be part of that.  


Daniel Bridgewater, Founder and CEO of Fourth Wall
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