I would just like to say a massive thank you to Alannah and Steph (and all the other Fourth Wall staff) for everything that they have done over the last few months.

George and Zack have throughly enjoyed every second.
I have never seen them so dedicated to something before.
Seeing them get their scripts out and rehearse them without being asked speaks volumes for the passion for performing that you’ve instilled into them.

Zack began Fourth Wall with a slight speech impediment (stammer) and hearing him speak his lines at the performance tonight without a single stammer was amazing for us!

I can’t thank you all enough. 
George has tried football, karate, gymnastics and piano, but quit them all quite quickly. The other night before bed, he told me this - “Mom, I’ve found what I love. Drama is it. That’s what I should have been doing all this time!” 

We’re all really looking forward to the summer sessions now!! They Can’t come soon enough!
— Lisa Widdicombe, George and Zack’s Mom, Fourth Wall: Longbridge & Northfield (5-11)

Fourth Wall brought young people from my constituency together to use performing arts to talk about the things that matter to them. It was today’s young generation inspiring an even younger generation to gain confidence and create something challenging and powerful!
— Richard Burden MP, Northfield Constituency, Birmingham
Throughout the time we have worked together, Daniel and his team have been nothing short of brilliant in working with our students; always full of credible vibrant ideas, infectious enthusiasm and great humour. They have made some of our students feel an even greater passion for the arts leading to them considering it a viable career choice
— Hugh Blackwood, Head Of Drama, Four Dwellings School, Birmingham

I’ve worked with a group of talented individuals, created some amazing theatre and made some money in the process! It’s a unique opportunity that I can fit with my other commitments
— Lewis Bates, Franchise Manager of Fourth Wall: Longbridge & Northfield (18+)

Fourth Wall changed my life
— Dan Hobson, 17, Member of Fourth Wall: Longbridge & Northfield (11-18)

The Fourth Wall team are some of the most supportive and creative people we could have worked with. They really helped me play my role in the best way I possible could and I really enjoyed working alongside them
— George Dunn, Year 11 Pupil, Four Dwellings School, Birmingham

The feedback we had was incredible and Fourth Wall ensured we not only got a serious message across but that it was interactive and innovative capturing hearts and minds. I look forward to working together again
— Sergeant Karl Pierpoint, Neighbourhood Policing Manager for Longbridge Ward, West Midlands Police
I never thought I’d make so much progress in the space of a few months with a group of people who are like one big family - definitely a worthwhile experience!
— Steph Palmer, 18, Member of Fourth Wall: Longbridge & Northfield (11-18)

Fourth Wall came highly recommended. They didn’t disappoint. Within an extremely tight time-scale, they devised and performed a suite of impressive sketches demonstrating their flare, talent and professionalism. I didn’t hesitate for a nanosecond about collaborating with them on the next stage of the project
— Kate Cooper, Founder of the New Optimists

Fourth Wall is fantastic. My son has been going to the Northfield base for 5 months he has come on incredibly in all areas but most noticeably is his confidence. It has made a difference to him not only with his drama but in everyday life and it is so lovely to see! To watch him mature and grow is fantastic and the best part of all he loves it!!
— Emma Haydn-Jones, Parent of Zac, Member of Fourth Wall: Longbridge & Northfield

It’s a great experience for young people of all ages. It helped me find a lot of confidence that I never knew I had
— Ben Hartley, 13, Member of Fourth Wall: Longbridge & Northfield (11-18)