Drama Summer School for 11-18 year olds

Looking for Two weeks of free & fun drama activity this summer?

Fourth Wall presents Within These Four Walls a two-week free drama project culminating in three unique performances at Winterbourne House and Garden

Summer Rehearsals  at Northfield Baptist Church: 7th - 18th August    Monday to Friday 10.00 - 16.00

Performances at Winterbourne, Edgbaston: Saturday 16th & Sunday 17th September

The two weeks includes free sites visits to Winterbourne House and Garden, the Moor Pool Estate in Harbourne and the Back to Backs in Birmingham. The summer school is free with all travel and entrance costs for visits and performances paid by Fourth Wall.

About The Project

Within These Four Walls will create three unique performances exploring the topics of Leaders of the Past, Women's Education and Communication all inspired by Winterbourne house and garden and the Nettlefold family who built it and lived there. The house was built in 1903 in Edgbaston on the campus of Birmingham University.

Leaders of the Past - John Nettlefold had a big impact  on housing and communities in Birmingham. This performance will use magic lanterns to create a fantastic visual performance about different styles of leadership and the difference people can make when they motivate a community. John Nettlefold was the first city town planner in Britian and to understand his life and work we will be taking trips to Winterbourne, the house he built in 1903, as well as the Moor Pool Estate that he helped design and the Birmingham Backs to Back slums that he helped to clear.

Women's Education - this performance is inspired by letters between Margaret Nettlefold and her daughters that talk about their passion for for educating and empowering women. We will be undertaking a research project ' I am an Educated Daughter', exploring women's attitudes to education across history and cultures through letters we will get sent from women across the world and creating a performance from them.

Communication - Winterbourne has always pioneered developments in communications being one of the earliest homes to have a telephone. It is also has a fantastic collection of printing presses, magic lanterns and period telephones. We are going to add to the property's interactive exhibitions and create a wonderful communication trail around the property and grounds with actors, augmented reality and video.