Fly On The Wall - Post 1

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Welcome to our bi-weekly blog on the activities and news of Fourth Wall!


Every other week, in partnership with the Redbrick Arts team at the University of Birmingham, we will be posting a mini-blog/diary about what we’ve been up to help enlighten you about the world of a start up arts organization.


Fourth Wall is a social enterprise based in Birmingham that provides the opportunity for aspiring artistic practitioners to set up their own theatre company, and connects budding actors and actresses to the company right for them.


Basically, what this means is we work with students, freelancers, community groups and a whole heap of other aspiring producers, providing all the support, training and resources they need to set up their own theatre company. We want each company to create top theatre, but, importantly, have clear social impact.


We’ll be using this space to tell you about what things are in progress or are coming up in the next few months, as well as what we’re currently up to. We’ll be providing insight into our humble startup as if you were a fly on the wall (see what we did there).


The good thing about what we do is that we cover multiple areas of the arts – from business to acting, project management to running workshops – and we thought this might be relevant to some students at UoB (if you’re reading this, that’s a good sign!).


A sneak peak: we are very excited to tell you about some work we are doing with The Arches Project, an arts-based social project in Digbeth. We have had initial discussions with them, signed a contract, and are now working with them to launch their own company. Watch this space – we’ll be telling you more about this soon………!


You can find out more on Twitter (, on Facebook (, and on our website ( We’ve just got on the Instagram ( and Pinterest ( hype, so help us out and give us a follow!

And check back next week to go behind the curtain as we start launching our new projects!