Aged 11-18? Looking to meet new people, learn about theatre, develop your skills and have fun in the process?

Join our Autumn project today!

We’ve got two fantastic projects you can get involved in - AND THEY’RE BOTH FREE!


Wooden Walls (Heritage Lottery Funded project)

The first is based at Coffin Works, working with a group of 11-18 year olds. This project is open to all and will be a great way to make friends and learn new skills. We will be devising and writing three new pieces of theatre based on the history and significance of the Newman Brothers Coffin Works.
The Coffin Works was, for around 100 years, the premium coffin makers and funeral equipment provider in the UK, we will be focusing on the Political and private lives of the prominent people they provided coffins for, looking at how they wanted to be remembered.

We will also be focussing on the prominence of women in the management structure of the factory in particular the final owner manager Joyce Green.

This project will mainly be taking place on October half term, as well as some introductory sessions on Saturdays in September and early October.

The performances will be at Coffin Works on 9th November followed by designing an exhibition to showcase the work we have done - to be displayed at Coffin Works in early 2020.

The Chamberlain Highbury Trust - Events

The second project is at Highbury the home of Joseph Chamberlain. This is a 2 year project - Fourth Wall have been appointed Activities Planner, we are supporting The Chamberlain Highbury Trust to pilot a range of events, exhibitions, education sessions and open days to help inform which activities would widen their audience demographic and help them celebrate their important place in the history of Birmingham.

From March 2020 we will be running events and open days once a fortnight so lots of forward planning is needed to ensure we put together an exciting programme of events.

This is a work experience project and members of the Youth Board will receive training and support on running the project and undertake a number of differing roles within the project. Youth Board members will give ideas, create content, support sessions and events and feedback to support these project while learning the skills that go in to putting together these type of activities.

The members who will join Fourth Wall Northfield and Longbridge (11-25) Company will have opportunities to perform in events and shows at Highbury during our placement there.

To get involved, simply click the link below, fill in the form and one of the team will reach out to you!